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Social Network as a Service API

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Social Network as a Service

A huge amount of apps use social features such as likes, follow, upvotes, comments, etc... But each time devs want to add a social feature into their app, they need to implements every features from scratch. When we are talking of social features we are constantly re-inventing the wheel. That's why Okiniri's goal is to build an API that let developers quickly integrate social features into their app. With our Social Network as a Service API you will be able to add a social layer on top of your app in a matter of hours instead of months.

Powerful and Adaptable API

There is an infinite amount of apps out there. So we aims to build highly customizable API in order to cover every possible use cases. That's why our core engine use a graph oriented model to be as adaptable as possible. We also need to build a powerful backend capable of scaling when your app does. To achieve that we rely on the Google Cloud services so we can focus on building our Social Network as a Service API.

Work in Progress

With all these goals in mind we are currently working really hard to make this vision comme true. If you think Okiniri could help you, if you like our idea, or if you just want to genuinely help us, you can leave your email address below and we will contact you soon.

(We will never disclose your email)